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Landlord Services

We at Allbright, fully understand the needs and requirements of all types of landlords, ranging from single property owners to buy-to-let investors and experienced multi-property landlords & Housing Corporations.

The evolution of Allbright Estates is based on the unique experience of our directors who have excelled in the property business by managing properties on behalf of our clients. This unique background assists us in understanding the day-to-day problems faced by all types of landlords. We can therefore relate to our clients who may be facing various situations. Our management team can easily envisage our clients’ dilemmas. Their unfathomable business experience counts most when it comes to seeing things from a landlords perspective, which allows us to become best placed in the market and to be the only High Street agent to offer the finest comprehensive services thereby exceeding all our client’s expectations.
Our directors have maximized the rental income for our multi faceted clients, be it a single property owner or multi property landlords.


Our internal management consultancy department allows us to assist our clients in maximizing the profitability of their properties by utilizing our carefully selected  techniques designed over the years. This has helped us in maximising their portfolio optimization. These techniques have enabled us to devise and manage property investment strategies for our small to medium size clients. We ensure that our landlords meet their own expectations by providing them with the desired high-quality tenants who can assure a long term business and Full investment satisfaction.

The key to success at Allbright is identifying, understanding and providing exactly what the landlords desire  i.e :
-Good quality tenants, Credit checked by our experienced staff
-Prompt rent payment (into the bank account chosen by the landlords)
-Standard 1-Month deposit and 1-Month rent in advance collected prior to move-in.
-Inventory check-in & check-out
-Regular visits to ensure the condition of the property is maintained & kept clean.
-Minimum void periods.
-JIT (Just in time management used to ensure properties are re-marketed 4 weeks prior to the termination of the contract agreement in the event of an existing tenant not renewing their contract.
-Rent guarantee scheme.
-Lettings agreement (AST)/Legalities/Formalities taken care of by us.
-Our flexible five tiers of service to suit all budgets.


Our flexible service plan includes FIVE STAR plan service.

1 Star - Marketing only (self view plan)
2 Star - Lettings only (introductory only) or lettings plus rent collection.
3 Star - £ 1 a day plan (minimum 3 year contract)
4 Star - Full property management (Marketing & letting, rent collection)
5 Star - VIP Plan (All of the above + quarterly inspection reports with video camera, gas-safety check certificates), tenancy agreement fees paid by US, plus free-gifts worth upto £200.

The ultimate package we offer is The  FREE PLAN ……..
Yes ….That’s Right…..FREE.

Under The FREE PLAN ,

Landlords can claim back their fees thereby having our services for free just by referring other landlords to us. ( These referred landlords must then rent their property using our service)

Assuming similar rental values, we will re-imburse our landlords who sign up for this plan by 20% per referral. So that means when a landlord recommends 5 other landlords (who instruct us and we then let their property) he will be able to claim all fees back.

So it’s simple. Just introduce us to 5 other Landlords (of equal or more rental values) and pay no fees….