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Allbright have carefully selected an associate firm of solicitors and have conveniently positioned them within our own High Street premises located on the Hounslow High Street to make buying and selling properties through us an effortless and convenient process.

After extensive consideration and market research we had found that on many occasions, through no fault of the purchaser, seller or agent deals would fall through as a result of the time taken for paperwork and formalities taking excess time between parties and solicitors. As a result, We at Allbright decided to have an “In-House” Firm of Solicitors in order to avoid such potential catastrophes. Moreover, the firm carefully selected by us has agreed on immense strict time schedules , giving priority to our clients thereby enhancing the quality of service and maximizing proficiency enjoyed by our clients.

We understand that many clients will have their own selected solicitors which they have used before and are happy to continue using them so we have no objections in allowing this. However, we do understand that many clients will not have had the benefit of procuring the services of a professional firm and henceforth we have been fortunate enough to have the facilities present to make provision for this service at our own premises.

To find out more please call one of our advisors and they will be more than happy to make an appointment with our solicitors or simply contact them directly at the link below :